Product commitment

The factory has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification to ensure the quality of bearing products produced by Wafangdian Bearing Factory.

1、 From the purchase of bearing raw materials to the delivery of products, the whole process is under control and supervision to ensure product quality.

2、 The service life of the products can all meet the national standards and the standards required by users.

3、 The internal and external packaging of the product fully complies with international regulations and the requirements put forward by users.

4、 Product inspection shall be carried out in accordance with international regulations and user requirements, including ex warehouse pre loading inspection, in loading detail inspection, post loading packaging inspection, ex factory inventory inspection to ensure qualified delivery.

5、 Problems in bearing products shall be solved according to the provisions of the company's service commitment.

6、 Develop new products for users to replace imported non-standard bearings. The company can send technicians to assist users in model selection, design and on-site mapping.

7、 All products with special quality requirements can be designed, processed and produced according to the requirements of users.

Defective products are waste products, and products are human qualities. Wafangdian Bearing Factory will offer users the best bearing products.

Wafangdian Bearing Factory