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United Phlebotomy Group LLC
24-Hr Phlebotomy Blood Collection Service
and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services By Certified Laboratory Professionals
United Phlebotomy Medical Lab Services Greatly Serves the Washington Dc, Virginia, Maryland, and the Metropolitan Area.

Let United Phlebotomy Lab Services skilled professionals collect your specimen when and where you choose and safely transport it to hospital or individual laboratories for you. Accurate blood test results start with quality specimen collection.

All of United Phlebotomy certified phlebotomists have at least 20 years experience collecting specimens. We only hire people who share our commitment to improving the quality of blood specimens and raising the standards of patient care.

United Phlebotomy Lab Services is driven by a commitment to enhancing the quality of care for patients in long-term care facilities and provides outstanding laboratory service. Our staff of dedicated "Lab Technician" adhere to your preferred schedule for on-site visitation. United Phlebotomy Lab Services will also provide 24/7 STAT service when requested.

Inject success into your career with Phlebotomy Technologist program.

Phlebotomy Technologist are important members of the clinical laboratory team. New diagnostic techniques, clinical laboratory technology and automated instruments have greatly increased the volume of – and demand for – medical laboratory testing performed by Phlebotomy Technologist.

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Cris Digamo, CEO of United Phlebotomy Group LLC - Spent 11 years connecting hospitals to the communities they serve through outreach programs.

In 2004, Digamo used his experience working with people in their communities to open United Phlebotomy Group LLC Group LLC, an outreach blood specimen collection service.

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United Phlebotomy Group LLC is now offering Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing for Virginia and Washington DC Drug Testing, 24hr drug testing and alcohol testing. Enforcing drug testing policies in the work place.

We offer hair drug testing for employee drug testing, home drug testing, drug tests and drug testing in the workplace for Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C..

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