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United Phlebotomy  is driven by a commitment to enhancing the quality of care for patients in long-term care facilities and provides outstanding laboratory service. Our staff of dedicated phlebotomists adhere to your preferred schedule for on-site visitation. United Phlebotomy will also provide 24/7 STAT service and Home Visit when requested or STAT Lab pickup of specimens.

United Phlebotomy Lab Services (Blood Collection Services) Provides services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. to both inpatients and outpatients.

We service, Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. with 24-hour Phlebotomy Services, provided whenever and wherever you need them in clinical settings or at home.

United Phlebotomy Lab Services 24-Hr Service is fully licensed and certified, and United Phlebotomy Lab Services works with almost every hospital laboratory in the Northern Virginia , Maryland and Washington , D.C. area.

We make it easy for you. And you’ll appreciate our price structure. Services are available at competitive rates, with no extra charge for STAT service or There is no charge for supplies and our partners offer convenient billing methods and insurance invoicing.

Employment Drug Screen

Pre-Employment and Random Drug Screening (Hair, Rapid Urine, Breath Alcohol, and More)Drug and Alcohol Testing Pre-employment, random, post-incident and reasonable suspicion, DOT and non-DOT Collections in our facility with mobile onsite testing available in most areas Standard and Custom Drug Testing Panels A Variety of Alternative Specimens, Each With a Different Detection Period Background Screening Services Corporate Wellness Discount Programs.

Medical review officers are always available to review results and all drug screens are performed by certified and professional DOT collectors. Each specimen is sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory. In addition, American Lab services sends all non-negative quick screen tests to lab for confirmation at no cost to employer. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is available to review confirmation test results. All drug screens are performed by certified and professional DOT collectors.

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